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New Year’s Resolutions 2022

Thinking about how to start off the New Year responsibly? Take control of your personal affairs by completing your estate planning. The past two years have proven that life is sometimes accompanied by unexpected difficulties. Ensure the financial health and mental well-being of your family by getting your estate planning in order.

The experienced estate planning attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt will help you organize your affairs in a simple and efficient manner, providing you the peace of mind of knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected. A full estate planning portfolio prepared by Chauvel & Glatt will include a will and trust, directing who will receive what from your estate, and in what manner, and protecting you from the uncertainty, expense and time delays of the probate process. It will also include medical and financial powers of attorney, allowing you to name agents who are able to step in and make decisions for you or carry out mundane tasks in situations of emergency or simple inconvenience.  Proper planning and preparation are essential to ensuring stability when life becomes uncertain.

For more information on the creation of an estate plan, please contact your local Estate Planning Attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt. 

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