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New Quarantine & Isolation Guidelines Once Again!

As we wrote about last week, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (“CDC”) announced on December 27, 2021, changes in its isolation and quarantine recommendations that have caused quite a stir. After the backlash and confusion that has occurred, the CDC has come out once again and updated their isolation and quarantine recommendations.  But will this be it? No one knows. 

Employers need to remember, that the CDC is simply a guide, and their guidance is a recommendation.   Cal-OSHA, as well as county and city rules and regulations are law – and Employers need to make sure they are following the proper guidance that is legally required for their workplace.

These recent changes continue to complicate an already-complicated situation as Employers should be preparing to implement changes to the Cal/OSHA ETS that go into effect on January 14. Yet, the instruction by and between the new CDPH guidance and the Cal/OSHA ETS are not aligned. So, what is an Employer to do? We hope and expect that Cal/OSHA will soon issue new and clear guidance for Employers.

Also, just yesterday, January 5, 2022, the California indoor mask mandate that was set to expire January 15, 2022, has been extended until February 15, 2022. Employers should make sure that their employees are wearing proper fitting masks while in the workplace and continue to follow their Covid-19 protocols. 

To discuss these everchanging Covid-19 rules in the workplace, to ensure your written policies, as required by law are proper, or how to deal with a Covid-19 outbreak at your business, contact your local Employer Lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt.

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