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Employee Handbook Compliance Review for Employers & Business Owners

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to review your existing employment Handbook, and/or company policies & procedures to ensure your business is California labor law compliant.

Members of our team speak English and Spanish. Please call our office at 650-573-9500 or email us at for legal assistance. We wish you and your family good health.

Miembros de nuestro personal hablan inglés y español. Si necesitan más información o si necesitan consejos legales por favor contáctenos en nuestro número telefónico de oficina: 650-573-9500 o por correo electrónico:

Our business attorneys provide full-service representation for start-ups to medium sized companies.

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Our ’employer lawyers’ counsel and defend employers to ensure compliance and protect your business.

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Our business attorneys provide full-service representation for start-ups to medium sized companies.

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We protect our clients’ creative output, trade identity, and proprietary information.

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Our firm is committed to protecting your investment and income property, as well as your home.

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Our attorneys specialize in the transportation field and have a thorough understanding of carrier regulation and compliance issues.

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