Intellectual Property Law

San Mateo Intellectual Property Law Firm

Our intellectual property attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to solving issues related to our clients’ creative output, trade identity, and proprietary information. With the rise of the Internet, intellectual property rights have never been more valuable—or subject to inadvertent loss. Our firm advises established companies as well as start-ups, employees, artists, authors, computer programmers, filmmakers, web site proprietors and others with regard to protecting their rights. Our attorneys also represent businesses and individuals who are involved in disputes over misappropriating or infringing intellectual property.

Anticipating, Preventing, and Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes

We help businesses and individuals safeguard their ability to benefit from a wide range of productive endeavors—whether through confidentiality, invention assignment, or work-made-for-hire agreements. We also provide assistance with regard to copyright and trademark registrations, as well as steps that can be taken to protect trade secrets and other valuable information against misappropriation by employees, suppliers, or competitors.

Intellectual Property Litigation

We have extensive experience prosecuting as well as defending cases of copyright and trademark infringement, along with those involving the misappropriation of trade secrets or other acts of unfair competition. Our attorneys have worked on matters involving:
  • magazine and book publishers
  • software and database vendors
  • food manufacturers and wholesalers
  • mass market retailers
  • insurance brokers
  • television advertisers and Internet-based entities
  • departing employees of companies who seek to go into business for themselves

We have also handled the arbitration and mediation of such disputes.

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