We offer the option of consultations and meetings in-person, video & phone.




“We were able to successfully create and stand-up our S Corp with ease and speed due to the outstanding legal services from Chauvel & Glatt. April Glatt and Derek Myers were excellent in consulting us through the process, registering with the State and officiating our company. Highly recommend their services for forming a small business!”

– Ron Z.


“We are fortunate to have April and Natalia in our corner. Not only do they have the acumen to get us out of trouble, but the best part is that they set up our systems to prevent any incidents we might encounter by proactively minimizing risks throughout our branches. This allows me to focus on running Gasket Specialties Inc.”

– Alex L.


“I highly recommend April Glatt for your employment law needs.”

– Sharon D.

“We have been dealing with April and her team and have nothing but good things to say. They get back to us quickly, and help us with legal compliance and HR on a myriad of issues. We use Chauvel & Glatt to maintain our employee manual, which has come in handy many times. They are responsive, often extremely so, (same day turn around, etc), and the costs of the service have been in line with our expectations (No surprises!).

I highly recommend their firm for employers needing legal support for managing their employee relationships and many other business legal issues.”

– Alexander H.

“Anne was highly recommended to me by our financial adviser with Merrill Lynch to create a trust. My wife has had several tough medical setbacks including her sight, and failing memory. We needed a trust, and we needed it soon to assure that I could continue to execute bill paying and run our day to day needs including her mounting medical needs.
This was a tricky situation given that my wife is highly educated and feeling vulnerable and losing control…Anne was sensitive to this fact and took the time to explain all facets of the process to both of us, making us both feel comfortable.
The Trust was done efficiently and incredibly fast.
Anne is an incredibly skilled and compassionate lawyer!
I would, and will, recommend her to any and all who may need her assistance!”

– Thomas Hockridge


“Fantastic law firm to work with. Very professional and responsive.”

– Tom Sagi, Business Owner

“Ok, I will start off being very honest… I didn’t like dealing with lawyers. They intimated me. However, a situation with an employee forced me to need one so I had to find someone to help ASAP. I reached out to many that I found here on Yelp and a few of the lawyers that I reached out to referred me to Chauvel Law. I called and right away Nicholas went above and beyond to help get all my needs met. He was quick to respond, met with me in less than 24 hours over the phone and include other partners on the calls so that everything was done thoroughly and efficiently. During the entire process, I realized that I actually felt very supported and working with lawyers was not so bad after all. Thank you, Nicolas, for your time and help. You made my entire process wonderful. I appreciate the new love and understanding that I have for lawyers ;). If you are in need of a business lawyer, this is the firm!”

– Alia C., Business Owner

“April and her team are among the best employment attorneys in the Bay Area. I would highly recommend her services to any business that needs quality advice and defense.”

– TJ, Business Owner


“April is razor-sharp and always on time (for us!).”

– Alexander Hagen, from Etheric Networks

“April Glatt is a wonderful, brilliant, thoughtful attorney, who knows her field very well and is also kind and caring.” 

– Patti Weiss, PhD

“April Glatt of Chauvel & Glatt is sharp attorney and litigator. April’s clients are her first priority. April is a seasoned litigator handling Employment, Real Estate and Business Law. Her expertise in Labor & Employment Law focuses on the employer-side from start-ups to medium size businesses to be California Labor compliant and minimize risk. April has been a business partner of mine for seven years and I could not recommend her more highly.”

– Derry Wisnom

“April is very professional and knowledgeable.”

– Natasha Archuleta


“Attorney April Glatt was great and is always mindful in giving you the best advice and then some. I worked with her on 2 occasions where we needed advise relating to 2 incidents and she advised me on very sound course of action in both cases. We are continuing to work with her to implement sound employment practices. She is generous with her advise and very kind and personable. I do recommend her for both employees who need sound advise as well as businesses who want to make sure they are in compliance with all laws and best practices. Five stars for sure!”

– Abeer R. San Mateo, CA

“The intelligence, integrity and professionalism of the entire Chauvel & Glatt firm is no less than incredible. April, Ron and the entire supporting staff is dedicated to their clients and pure first class. The team is aggressive when needed while extremely fair and honest and their work ethic is exceptional, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” –Lori A. Burlingame, CA

“While my parents had a will and trust document, one item in the trust was never transferred despite my attempts as trustee over 3 years to get it done. That company is notoriously difficult to work with and after the last go around, I saved that bit of trustee work for my last task. Since I live in Southern California I was advised to find a lawyer in my parents county of death to handle the problem. I was lucky to find Chauvel & Glatt on-line. Angel Riley quickly responded to my inquiry and was able to smooth the way to shift the account to a trust account which then gave me access, and avoided a lengthy legal battle. She saved me a lot of stress and was always pleasant to deal with. In the end the whole process cost us less in time and money because we had the very efficient Angel on our side.”

– Mary Ann N. San Francisco, CA

“April and her firm, Chauvel & Glatt, have been our corporate attorneys for several years now and helped us out tremendously from A to Z. They have handled everything for us from trademark matters to non-payment disputes and they have been an extreme help and a great assett for us. We love working with them and feel blessed to have them on our side and team.”

GMD Linguistics

“April and her firm are really great. They have helped us out for years now and are always there to listen and advise whenever we have had any corporate or commercial issues, needs, or questions. I consider her to be a great litigator, colleague, and even a friend.”

– Gaby D., San Francisco, CA

“Angel Riley helped my family thought a difficult trust administration. Her knowledge of the field is exceptional and has a clear way of communicating. Her efficiency and clear understanding of goals shows she is there for her clients. She always had the trust best interest at heart.”

– Sue B., Belmont, CA

“I have worked closely with April for 5 years. We have worked together litigating cases as co-counsel, and I have referred multiple cases to her for litigation, employment, and transactional work. She is detailed, responsive, excellent to work with, super-smart, and an excellent resource for all things legal! I highly recommend April for your legal needs.”

– Amy Laughlin, San Mateo, CA

“I have referred numerous clients to the Chauvel & Glatt LLP for Estate Planning, Probate reconciliation, establishing a business and creating employer guidelines/handbooks. The quick response from the team, the highest level of service and personal connection that April Glatt and her experienced responsive team delivers is top notch.”

– Michelle, Burlingame, CA

“April Glatt exceptional for all my clients in real estate and probate. April Glatt is exceptional in her field. Driven, thorough, has clients best interests in mind. Very detailed. She is fierce and you will win if you hire her to be your attorney. She has a great track record in many fields but I know her thru real estate transactions. I refer her, trust her and have seen great results with my clients that I have referred to her. She is passionate about her work and her clients. I highly recommend her. Your solution and outcome will be a success.”

– Pam Zaragoza, Burlingame, CA

“Fantastic Attorney! I have worked with April professionally and have also consulted and hired her regarding real estate and estate planning issues. April is an amazing attorney and person. She is extremely bright, hard working, pragmatic, honest, and generous – both with her time and thoughts. She gives you total attention and is available to talk through all your questions. I trust her implicitly and highly recommend her!”

– Anonymous


“April and her team have done both non-profit legal work and created a power of attorney for our daughter. Her comprehensive knowledge of CA human resource, corporate and non-profit law was critical to guide our organization during a difficult restructuring. As for out family, April’s sage and frank advice was welcomed by all of us as we discussed important life decisions. Highly recommended.”

– Donna Colson

“April Glatt and her team are fantastic! She has helped give peace of mind to our family and our two daughters before heading off to college. They now have Power of Attorney and a Medical Directive so they are protected in the event they are incapacitated. As a College Counselor this is the one piece I had not considered before. Thanks to April, my clients are now using her services and I have incorporated her recommendations into my Senior Transition to College seminars. I highly recommend Chauvel & Glatt, LLP. April’s knowledge, attention to detail and customer service are impeccable!”

– Cynthia T. Hillsborough, CA

“April Glatt has a whole suite of skills that make her an excellent attorney. She is bright, strategic and extremely knowledgeable about her practice areas. She also has a very healthy ability to switch when necessary from charming to combative and back again, which is an excellent skill for an experienced litigator like her to possess, because sometime you must get along nicely with your adversaries, and sometimes you gotta’ fight ’em. April is adept at both. She also has superior negotiation skills!”

– Cary Kletter, Employment and labor Attorney

“Angel helped my mother and father update their estate plan, which was very outdated. It was a particularly difficult situation as my father was showing signs of dementia. Angel is not only caring, but she is thorough, extremely knowledgable, and very responsive. She helped explained complex concepts in layman’s terms. With her help, my parent’s affairs are in order and we now have peace of mind. I would highly recommend Angel and the law firm of Chauvel & Glatt for estate planning.”

– Meg R. San Mateo, CA

“Now that we have a son, the topic of estate planning and setting up a trust became an urgent need. We are very glad that we were recommended to Ron Chauvel and team. The process to set this up was extremely easy and straight forward. Angel was super efficient and Ron was very knowledgeable in answering all of our questions and addressing our needs. They worked seamlessly with our financial planner and everything was done within a few weeks (little delays on our part in the review if at all). We would highly recommend this firm to anyone that wants to do estate planning without reservations!!! Thanks Ron and Angel!! “

– Serena L. Los Altos, CA

“April Glatt was fantastic, could not recommend her any higher! April Glatt came to our rescue as I was involved in a contentious Final Trust Disbursement in 2017 and had to fire the first law firm that I retained mid-stream. I needed immediate help to meet upcoming deadlines so I went online and looked at reviews and saw that April Glatt and her firm had great reviews. OOOHHHHHH, I wish I had found April Glatt of Chauvel and Glatt, LLP instead of the first firm.

Upon explaining my situation to April, she went right to work for me. My sisters and I wanted to work out a good settlement for all of us, in lieu of expensive litigation, and April was “all in” in helping us accomplish that goal.

She never wavered in her willingness to help, even though I knew that her current work load was high. She recognized our desperate need and met it directly with her great attitude and super knowledge base. She helped us write a settlement agreement that worked great for both sides stopping the mounting legal fees that saw no end.

I cannot recommend her any higher, you will be pleasantly surprised by her willingness to help and with her great knowledge and experience.

Best of Luck and April Glatt is the one you want to help you!”

– Rick W

“Last June when my son graduated from High School and turned 18, Chauvel & Glatt, LLP created my Power of Attorney and Medical Directive in preparation for college. The POA is in the event your adult child is incapacitated or unable to make medical decisions, it gives you the parent/adult the ability to step in and work, advocate and direct the medical team assisting your child. GREAT GRADUATION GIFT.. you never know when you need it.. hopefully never but better safe than sorry. “

– Michelle P, Burlingame


“I’m very impressed with your law firm and plan to recommend you to anyone in need of your services. Not only have you demonstrated competency and professionalism, you’ve demonstrated that you care about people.”

– Tammy B, San Mateo

“I have been partnering and referring business to Chauvel & Glatt for over 4 years now. All of my clients love the attention to detail, client focus, client service they have experienced with Chauvel & Glatt. The staff is a great resource! LOVE THEM ALL”

Michelle P, Burlingame, CA

“I have recently opened a LLC and needed to get things in order.  First time in starting my business and so had to start somewhere in finding a great firm.  From the positive Yelp reviews I took a chance and called into Chauvel & Glatt.  I was connected with TJ Walsh.  In what I specialize in you need to immediate be able to read the conversation and get a gut feel.  This was very easy to do with TJ.  He immediately understands your needs, guides you to the proper next steps, and you get immediate responses from him.  When I had my onsite I met with both TJ and Ron.  The team was prepared and we had clear direction on next steps.  I always enjoy our communication, I feel like they have my best interest at hand, and I have been extremely impressed.”

– Nicole M, San Mateo, CA

“TJ fought hard and won to protect me, against the former owner of my condominium, specifically with negotiating with the seller lawyer about their failure to disclose that the condo building had a bad roof. The seller left me holding the bag on a huge roof assessment, and thought they could get away with it. TJ advised me how to navigate the information channels of my HOA, how to handle negotiations with the former owner’s attorney, and he kept me informed of my legal options during the entire process. Great communicator. He made, what could have been a disaster, turn out to be smooth, seamless and, a successful outcome. He has phenomenal verbal negotiating skills, and tremendous knowledge of his field and case law. I would highly recommend TJ to anyone having an issue with the purchase of their property, or any other real estate issue! He got me the cash out of the seller, brilliantly, without us having to litigate. The opposing attorney, a Harvard law school grad, didn’t want to chance with litigation because of vast knowledge and skill level TJ posesses. TJ made what would have been a horrible situation, a fun challenge. He does not beat around the bush. He is straight out. He does not waste words or time. I’ve worked with some of the best lawyers in the country, for many of my companies and situations, and TJ is best in his field. “

– Anonymous

“I’m a local realtor in San Mateo County and I had a last minute emergency in the middle of escrow. My client and the other party to the transaction needed some documentation written up before we could proceed. It was a very unique case and needed a special document with specific wording that everyone agrees to within a few days to ensure escrow closed on time and we had no problems with the lender. I called April and she answered right away (if you know lawyers then you know this is a rarity in and of itself), she was enthusiastic and excited about helping us draft this up (It was a relatively small job which the other lawyers I reached out to didn’t seem as enthusiastic about), and her and her team emailed us a completed document within a few hours. It was a pleasure working with her and I will highly recommend her and her firm to my clients moving forward.”

– Joe P, San Francisco, CA

“Up front ,TJ informed what he could do to help with my problem with my HOA long time repair project to my unit. He was able to get a repair job finished with in a week. TJ has some great advice on all the documents I should have. HE was able to get me electronic copies. Several residents at my Condo do not like our HOA managers. So I have referred TJ to them incase they need help as well.”

– Kristen, San Mateo, CA

“I want to say “Thank You” Angel Riley for your help, your expertise, and your patience.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who may need guidance in developing a trust or a will. I, myself, was not familiar with either if these matters.  Angel helped my wife and I work through the details of both, and in a timely manner.  When the time came for me to act as executor and trustee, I could not have been in better hands.  Angel made time for me when I called or came into her office with questions or issues.  She was there to help me move things forward and step through the actions needed to complete the duties that I had promised to fulfill for my family. Again, Thank You Angel.  You are the best…  I could not get through this without your help. “

– A.M. Pacifica, CA

“I own a small business, and I contacted Derek Myers for guidance on how to set it up, as well as how to protect myself.  Derek was an amazing resource – he gave me honest, actionable advice that was realistic for the size of my business, and also provided me with options as opposed to just one course of action.  I also know a couple of other lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt, and I feel confident recommending them to friends.  Definitely a great resource on the Peninsula!”

– Paul J, Pacifica, CA

“I’ve referred family members and clients to April and always receive excellent feedback about their attention, advice and service.”

– Joan G, Palo Alto, CA


“Derek Myers and April Glatt at Chauvel & Glatt helped me with an employment issue.  They were very professional and helped me in a timely manner given some tight deadlines I had to respond to.  Not only did they clearly explain my options, but they also made suggestions I didn’t think about that made sense.  I highly recommend both attorneys for help with any employment matter.  I am very thankful for their help and will certainly rely on their professionalism again if I ever need assistance with employment law.”

– Lou K, San Carlos, CA

“April has represented me in Estate Cases on two occasions. Not only is she immensely smart in Estate Law, but has taken care of my interests with conciseness, promptness, and a aggressive diplomacy that defies the laws of the Universe. She can take on the most stubborn and indomitable adversaries, with legal perspectives, and a fiery wit to match, that can overcome almost any situation. Believe me, no one on the other side, really wants to “mess” with April. Seriously, if you are looking for someone who can represent you with your best interests in mind, and like a really fine professional, who sometimes levels with you on things you necessarily don’t want to hear (since we all think we are Perry Mason), then she is for you. Honest to a fault, she never overcharges, April is the best. Period.”

– Daniel T, Kingman, AZ

“My wife and I discovered Chauvel & Glatt through strong Yelp reviews. With the added benefit of a convenient location and the reassurance of many years of practice, we reached out to this firm to assemble our living trust and accompanying documents. Angel Riley took charge of our process and simply reinforced the reputation of the Chauvel & Glatt team by meeting all of our expectations with timeliness and professionalism.”

– Chris P, San Mateo, CA

April took my case on almost zero notice and nailed it. It was obvious from the get go that she knows her stuff and can foresee angles to approach to get the outcome which is needed. Her prices are fair for the quality of representation you are receiving. The lawyer on the other side was a bulldog and she handled him without flinching. Would definitely recommended her to any of my friends or family. I can’t thank her enough for being good at what she does. I might have lost a lot of money if it weren’t for her.”

– Leroy B, Castrol Valley

“We worked with Angel at Chauvel and Glatt to set up our estate planning for our family.  From the initial consult call we had with April, to the day we went in and notarized everything, it was a pleasure working with all members of this law firm. Angel in particular was very helpful in answering all of our questions in a very timely manner, which made the experience even more pleasurable, and personable. Thank you for helping make this a smooth process for myself and my family.”

– Levon S, San Francisco, CA

I was very pleased with Chauvel & Glatt, LLP for taking care of my estate planning needs for me. I was referred to Angel Riley by April Glatt and couldn’t be happier! Angel was knowledgeable, courteous and attentive. Angel could be reached through email or phone and responded quickly to my questions and concerns. The office is very flexible with scheduling, I was able to sign everything needed on my lunch, and there is a notary in the office. The fees were reasonable and from the time of my first email, through the many changes I requested, the process was complete in less than 30 days. I will definitely use this law firm again when needed. Thank you Angel for making the process so simple for me!!

– Mary D, Foster City, CA


I highly recommend April Glatt. I have personally worked with her and often refer clients to her. April is the most detailed, thorough, precise, knowledgable and incredible person in her field that I have ever met. You want her on your side if you need an attorney. She is also an excellent listener and communicator. She knows her business well. She is a trusted business partner!

– Pam Zaragoza, Burlingame, CA

Chauvel & Glatt LLP is an outstanding law firm. They treat you like you are their most important client no matter how big or small the case. Highly recommend!!!!

– Alex Vaysberg, President at All Industrial Electric Supply

April is a phenomenal lawyer who applies her attention to detail in all she does for us. She is meticulous, has extensive and broad knowledge of the law and is available 24/7. We are so fortunate to have her as our lawyer.

– Renee V., San Mateo, CA

April gave us immediate attention on estate issues. We had a parent that just passed and needed to get a couple of urgent matters handled. April Glatt was very professional and took care of us. Very much appreciated that support at such a difficult time.

– Deon T., Belmont, CA

When I need an Estate Planning or business attorney for my clients, April Glatt is my first recommendation. She is professional and compassionate with extensive legal knowledge and litigation experience. We have had many mutual clients and April has consistently gone the extra step to make sure her clients are protected. I highly recommend April Glatt of Chauvel and Glatt.

– Derith Wisnom, Burlingame, CA


A growing business needs legal advice and representation from time to time. Ron and April have been our legal team providing us both a piece of mind and legal representation for our business. Ron and April’s team helped us to form our LLC 7 years ago and we have continued using their services on various aspects of our Real Estate focused business including, preparing legal documents, providing advice and representing us in legal proceedings. We truly enjoy working directly with Ron and April, and have built a very strong trust with them both, they are both professional but more importantly for us they are also very personable.

Our discussions and meetings are always two-way conversations; they listen as intently as they speak. They take the time to fully understand what our needs, concerns and requirements are. They are always also very accessible and responsive. We can always get a hold of them via phone call or email. With so many Law firms to choose from, it so important to find one that you have confidence with and trust implicitly, for us it is Chauvel & Glatt, LLP. My advice is simple, let Ron and April handle your Legal worries while you concentrate on growing your business.

– Craig Chan, Palo Alto

Whenever a trust issue arises in one of my family law matters, I immediately send them to April and her partner Ron for their expertise and high-level of service and integrity. April immediately begins work for my clients to solve their legal needs. April is also a great pleasure to work with. She is professional, friendly, and always accessible. I highly recommend April and her outstanding firm.

– Amy Laughlin, Attorney at Law Offices of Amy Laughlin

I would like to highly recommend April Glatt at Chauvel and Glatt. She has been a great support to my family through some very difficult times. After my mother passed away we had major issues with the administration of her trust. April is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She and the staff were very caring and helpful and believed in us. With her professionalism, experience and guidance we got through a really negative situation. April has come through for us on more than one occasion and I couldn’t give her a higher recommendation. She is the best at what she does and gets results that matter.

– Sharon White, Site Supervisor at Child Development Inc


April is a great business partner and consummate professional. Not only is she excellent at networking and sharing connections in the community, she is a strong advocate for her clients. She is quick to respond to any needs that may arise with her clientele and, due to her connections, is able to bring in support when there are issues outside the scope of her practice. April is extremely hard working and cares deeply for the families with whom she works.

– Ryan Keller, Elder Care Consultant at LivHOME

I am in a position that requires frequent and quick decisions with legal ramifications. I have found accessibility to be an extremely important criteria for hiring attorneys and other professional services. Each time I have called Ron for a legal consultation he has immediately answered the phone or returned my phone call, and he has and provided on-the-spot expert advice. In short, he has saved me a lot of money. I recommend Ron to any business person in need of legal counsel.

– Ramon Canova, CEO, Founder, Marque Foods, Inc.

I was referred to Ron by a transportation association my business belongs to. There is no question about Ron’s transportation expertise. His expertise extends to business, real estate and estate law. I have three main reason why I recommend Ron to any business or individual:

  • Ron has provided me with clear directions on how to handle my cases. With his transparency on how he would handle my cases and what options I had, he earned my trust immediately.
  • I received immediate replies and attention to my questions and problems.
  • He is very patient, considerate, reasonable and professional.

– Mitra Ashraf, President of AKMI Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with April Glatt for the past two years.  The agency I work for provides senior services in the home and frequently we encounter clients that have no planning procedures in place and need legal advice and assistance.  April has been a key contact for me and other care managers in the Peninsula because of her willingness to have open and compassionate conversations with our elderly clients and their families. What’s more, these clients do not make decisions quickly and April has always been patient and willing to restart a conversation and operate to serve in the clients’ best interest.  It is wonderful to have Chauvel & Glatt in our circle and community!

– Carolyn J. San Francisco, CA, 2013

I went to Chauvel & Glatt, LLP for help filing a trademark. After endless hours of trying to do it myself, I finally decided that I needed a professional. The process is very complicated and long, and not cheap. I didn’t want to risk doing it incorrectly and waste more time and money. Kenneth M. Weinfield did a fantastic, thorough job of filing my trademark and because of him everything went smoothly and was completed much faster than I expected! We had no problems and my trademark and logo was accepted without any issue. What I really appreciated was his deep knowledge of the process and his ability to explain everything so I could understand. He also worked within my budget and really respected my desire to save money. I felt very comfortable with the whole process. It was such a relief to know I was in good hands and was working with someone I trusted. I highly recommend this firm and will definitely be using Chauvel & Glatt’s services in the future for all my legal business needs.

– Annie M. San Mateo, CA, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to work with Chauvel and Glatt LLP. I was contacted by the firm to assist one of their clients. Through my conversations and dealings with the mutual client, I found that Chauvel and Glatt LLP had accomplished more for the client in one year, than the previous firm had accomplished in twenty! Truly an amazing accomplishment!  Throughout the time I was working on behalf of the referred client, I had multiple interactions with this firm. I found them to be expert council and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal services!

– Dave B. San Francisco, CA, 2013

April Glatt was instrumental in my retention contract review and negotiation. She was able to get it finalized, with our issues addressed, within days of connecting with my employer’s counsel. She was professional and very knowledgeable. She kept me informed every step of the way, ensuring my concerns and best interests were addressed – 5 star services. Thank you April.

– S E. Watsonville, CA, 2013


I have only known Ron and his associates for one year but during this time he and his team have been extremely helpful to my family.  He has done more in one year than the other firm did in twenty.  My mother was widowed and we were in need of expert legal assistance to help sort out all of the issues with the estate.  Ron and his team have provided us with professionalism, kindness and expertise in a variety of areas.  We appreciate all that he has done and continues to do for our family and would highly recommend his firm to anyone who is in need of legal help with their estate.

– Sharon W. Redwood City, CA, 2012

I have been a customer of Ron Chauvel since 1992. This Law firm handles a range of services from personal to business. I use this firm for both (business and personal services). Since 1992 I have used Ron to set up a Corporation, Trust and Will services, Real Estate matters, Home owner association matters, business contracts etc. In 1992 the Company that I worked for as a V.P. was trying to prevent me from going into business for myself. They had one of the largest Law Firms representing them. Together Ron and myself in a cost effective manner successfully won this battle. My initial apprehension when trying to hire an Attorney is: Are they honest, competent, and have integrity? This Law Firm is all of the above. Another important factor for me in selecting a Law Firm was their availability to answer questions, respond to emails and voice mails rapidly. Again this Law Firm meets this criterion. Another positive factor is that Ron has a long time assistant (Linda) who is extremely efficient in all communication. Linda has NEVER failed to follow up for me on any question that I ever requested.

– Aszx A.  Carmel, CA, 2012

I have been the President and CEO of GSC Logistics in Oakland, CA since the company was founded in 1988.  During our entire history, the law firm of Chauvel & Glatt has represented our company for a variety of legal matters, predominantly in the area of transportation law.  Throughout the tenure of our relationship, depending on the complexity of the issue, we have worked with many qualified attorneys and specialists in the firm.  However, the managing partner, Ron Chauvel, oversees our account and handles the most complex issues.  Although we call upon Mr. Chauvel for his legal acumen, he is one of the few attorneys I’ve met that possesses a keen business mind.  When Mr. Chauvel offers his business perspective, I feel this unique ability saves our company time and money.  Also, I’ve worked with larger firms that can’t give the “hands-on” attention that Chauvel & Glatt have perfected.  Larger firms sometimes seem more intent on their billings, rather than the personal attention we receive from Chauvel & Glatt, and specifically from Mr. Chauvel. I would highly recommend the law firm of Chauvel & Glatt for your legal matters.

– Scott T. Oakland, CA, 2012

I just completed receiving services from Chauvel & Glatt.  The transaction I needed was new to me as I had not set up an LLC before. They worked with me step-by-step so I was able to understand clearly what was transpiring.  Their attention to details and the customer service from all the staff members was over-the-top and greatly appreciated.  I would highly recommend working with law offices Chauvel & Glatt for your business legal needs.

– Connie M. San Mateo, CA, 2012

I ran into some legal problem and needed some guidance.  I found Ron from Google and I called him for some consultation.  During the phone call he patiently answered my questions for about 10 minutes.  That set him apart from the other lawyers that I encountered to since when I called other lawyers they only asked me to schedule an appointment so they can charge me for the consultation.  After Ron’s recommendations, I decided to hire him for my legal problem.  Throughout the whole process, he demonstrated his knowledge and professional advises to me.  Now, my problem has been resolved and I could not have done that without Ron’s guidance.  Thanks Ron!

– Tiffany M. San Mateo, CA, 2012

I am the CFO and Executive Vice President for a trucking company in the valley.  Ron Chauvel has been our corporate attorney for decades, and has been a steady counselor for a variety of issues over the years.  He has extensive industry knowledge and is excellent at getting to the root of issues.

– Jim M. Lodi, CA, 2012

I have been the CFO for GSC Logistics for six years, and have utilized the services of Chauvel & Glatt for my entire tenure and intend to continue our excellent relationship. Ron Chauvel and his associates are well versed in a variety of legal matters, including contract review and negotiation, trademark matters, wage and hour resolution, and most importantly for GSC Logistics, transportation related regulations. Ron guided GSC through many complex legal matters, including the acquisition of a trucking company in 2011. His level-headed business mind complements his expert knowledge of law, and even more importantly, the resolution of issues. I highly recommend the services of Chauvel & Glatt for all of your legal requirements.

– Joel L. Alamo, CA, 2012

I was very happy with services provided by Ron Chauvel.  After 1 interview, Ron understood exactly what we had in mind for our current wills and trust documents.  He was open to questions and provided quick answers and wonderful service.

– Florence G.  Grass Valley, CA, 2012

Members of my family, and I, have had Chauvel & Glatt as our law firm for many years.  They have provided excellent counsel in a number of instances and have proved to be both highly competent and caring.

– Albert H.  Sausalito, CA, 2012

Our Family has retained Ron Chauvel as our attorney for many years. We find him to be very, caring, diligent and knowledgeable when handling our legal matters.

– Kathy B.  Laguna Beach, CA, 2012

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