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Employers: Protect Yourself From Your Former Employees

After terminating an employee, there are a number of steps an employer should immediately follow to protect the business.

Even if you believe your former employee left the office on good terms, you should still implement the following measures to make sure the departure does not result in intentional or unintentional problems for you, your business or your staff.

1. Immediately revoke all of the former employee’s computer, network and data access.
2. Confiscate the former employee’s company-owned phone, laptop, desktop, files and/or devices containing classified information.

3. Collect the former employee’s keys or keycards; change passcodes and passwords.

4. Restrict access to the former employee’s email and other web-based accounts and have any future messages forwarded to another employee.

By pulling security clearance and access to your company’s technology and data, you are protecting yourself against security breaches, data theft and hacking.  Promptly addressing  and documenting these steps will also help you prepare for any future litigation regarding the illegal use of your company’s information.


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