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Get Ready for the Summer Heat!

As we begin to near the summer months it is important for employers with employees who work outdoors to get prepared for the heat and take the necessary precautions to prevent against heat illness.

Proper training and preparation are vital to prevent serious heat illnesses while working outdoors and avoid Cal/OSHA violations. As an employer, it is your responsibility to train your employees to know the signs and symptoms of heat illness, so the right steps are taken if an employee begins to show heat illness symptoms. Employers must protect from heat illness by providing water, rest and shade. Employers should take basic precautions such as training all employees and supervisors on heat prevention, providing access to shade and encourage employees to take cool‐down rest as required (which can vary depending on the temperature).  Additionally, employers must also provide and encourage employees to drink cold water to be compliant with Cal/OSHA heat and injury prevention standards. Failure to comply with such requirements could led to violations/penalties in the event of a Cal/OSHA enforcement inspection.

Now is the time to prepare for the summer months, and ensure that you are compliant with Cal/OSHA heat prevention requirements. Employers should not wait until temperatures begin to rise to review heat prevention and training procedures. Being proactive can benefit you and your employees in the summer months! If you have any questions regarding compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements, contact our Employment Lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt..

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