Racism Stop Means Warning Sign And Control

Chauvel & Glatt Stands Against Xenophobia, Racial and Social Injustice

Last year, Chauvel & Glatt issued a statement condemning racism, oppression, and discrimination. We acknowledged that the fight against injustice continues and it is imperative to demand an overdue change for equality.

The recent random and calculated attacks on Asians and Asian Americans remind us once again that the existence of systemic racism, social injustice, and xenophobia will continue if we do not speak up for our communities.

When discussing these issues, we often overlook the history of racism and discrimination of Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders dating back to the Chinese Exclusion Act or Japanese Internment Camps. In the media and socially, Asian and Asian Americans are labeled as “model minorities”. This categorization not only makes them an easy target but also undermines the struggles that many Asian refugees and immigrants face. It is also used as a tool to deny the existence of systemic racism and demonize African Americans, Latino, and other minorities for living in poverty.

Chauvel and Glatt condemns racism, oppression, expressions of hate, bias, discrimination in all forms. We strive to continue to function under the blanket of diversity and acknowledge that silence and inaction will only perpetuate the existence of xenophobia, systemic racism, and social injustice against minorities and our LGBTQ+ community. We stand behind the individuals and organizations in the fight against xenophobia, systemic and institutionalized racism, oppression, and discrimination and will continue our strong advocacy in support of what is just and right.

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