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Chauvel & Glatt Stands Against Racial and Social Injustice

On June 11, 2020, after recent acts of violence and injustice inflicted on African Americans, the California Supreme Court issued a statement acknowledging the existence of racial and social injustice and condemned racism in all its forms. In its message to our nation, the Court stated “As members of the legal profession sworn to uphold our fundamental constitutional values, we will not and must not rest until the promise of equal justice under law is, for all our people, a living truth.”

The attorneys and staff of Chauvel & Glatt, along with you, have witnessed the recent acts of violence and injustice inflicted on African Americans. Likely, some of us are too familiar with acts of injustice inflicted against African Americans and other minorities, whether because of race, religion, or gender.  In view of these recent events and in light of the recent landmark United States Supreme Court ruling acknowledging and expanding the rights for our LGBTQ+ community, it is apparent that the fight against injustice continues and it is imperative to demand an overdue change for equality.

Last year, Chauvel & Glatt, was 1 of 4 finalists for the Family First BRIDGE award which recognizes businesses that strive to implement family-friendly workplace practices and to provide a sustainable work and life balance for families. As a firm, we function and thrive under the blanket of diversity and acknowledge that silence and inaction will only perpetuate the existence of systemic racism and social injustice against people of color, particularly against African Americans, Indigenous Peoples and our LGBTQ+ community. As officers of the Court, we are in a position to educate, empower, and speak up for our communities.  We stand behind the individuals and organizations in the fight against systemic and institutionalized racism, oppression, and discrimination and will continue our strong advocacy in support of what is just and right.


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