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California’s Re-opening June 15th!

The California Department of Health has announced that the State of California is set to fully reopen beginning June 15, 2021. When California fully reopens activities and businesses may return to their usual operations with limited exceptions based on the following general public health recommendations.

Restrictions Applying to Indoor & Outdoor Settings


Vaccine Verification / Negative Testing Required for Indoor mega events; Recommended for Outdoor mega events
Capacity Limitations No restrictions
Physical Distancing No restrictions for attendees, customers and guests
Masking Follow current CDPH Guidance for Face Coverings
Travelers Follow CDC recommendations and CDPH Travel Advisory


While we are highly anticipating the reopening date, employers need to be aware that they will continue to be subject to Cal/OSHA’s Covid-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards that are in the process of being updated and voted upon in early June. Employers will need to review and update their Covid-19 policies to reflect the significant changes that are soon to come as we near California’s reopening day.

To learn more about the new Covid-19 legal requirements in light of California’s reopening, please contact the Employer Lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt.


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