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Burlingame High School Students Job Shadowing Chauvel & Glatt Attorneys

After partner April Glatt gave a lecture on what it is like to be a lawyer to the Speech and Debate class at Burlingame High School, students expressed interest in experiencing a day in the life of a lawyer. Before long, she was again invited by the school’s career counselor to participate in a new program – job shadowing.

Giving back to the community is part of Chauvel & Glatt’s mission and April enthusiastically accepted the opportunity. This week, two senior students, Jerolynn Liu and Alex Tamura, visited our office. April shared her path that led her to becoming a lawyer with the students.  She then described what a day in her life as a lawyer looks like and shared what it means to be a lawyer, answering questions throughout the visit. April then introduced our younger attorneys, Angel Riley and Derek Myers, who shared their personal stories about how they became a lawyer. The day was enlightening for the students who hope to pursue legal careers.

We are thrilled to see these students exploring their career interest especially in practicing law and wish them good luck!


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