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Are You Prepared For an Outbreak of COVID-19 at Your Workplace?

While we as a nation continue to navigate COVID-19, California continues to hold employers to its stringent laws. As such, employers need to ensure that policies are updated to address the brand new COVID-19 protocols. This requires, among other things, having a current Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.

Now, you may be asking, what is an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan? An Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is a proactive process to help employers find and fix workplace hazards before workers are hurt and if they are, how to address such injuries in a timely manner given the circumstances.  And, notably, California requires employers to have a written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. Specifically, California Labor Code Section 6401.7 states that, “each employer shall establish, implement, and maintain” an “effective injury prevention program,” and that plan must be updated when a new hazard emerges. Because COVID-19 presents a “new hazard”  to employers and employees, every employer should have an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan that addresses an outbreak of COVID-19 at the workplace, especially in case of a second wave hitting California as we begin the return to work, California’s Phase 2.

In addition to the Labor Code requirements, the administrative & enforcement agency for these plans Cal-OSHA, is cracking down to ensure employees safety is a priority amongst employers. If you have any questions regarding your current Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, and or, do not currently have an Injury and Illness and Prevention Plan, and are interested in obtaining one, contact the Employer Lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt.

The material in this article, provided by Chauvel & Glatt, is designed to provide informative and current information as of the date of the post. It should not be considered, nor is it intended to constitute, legal advice or promise similar outcomes.  For information on your particular circumstances, please contact Chauvel & Glatt at 650-573-9500. (photo credit: 123rf.com)


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