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AB 257: New Law Impacting Fast Food Restaurants

On September 5, 2022, Governor Newsom approved Assembly Bill 257 (“Bill”) that will establish a Fast-Food Council that will be composed of 10 members. The Bill will establish a sector wide minimum standards on wages, working hours, and other working conditions to fast food workers. The purpose of this bill is to protect fast-food workers since for years, they have been subject to low pay, few benefits, minimal job security and even abuse.

The Bill’s approval was not as welcomed by fast-food restaurants as expected. Many restaurants believe the Bill will work against them adding additional costs that are not necessary, especially during the time of a pandemic, where there are increased prices due to supply chain delays and worker shortages. Even some fast-food employees who have been able to use Covid-19 to their advantage to receive a pay increase are worried their hard work and what they’ve gained will be lost if the Fast-Food Council is put into place.

A coalition of restaurants opposing the Bill filed a referendum in hopes of halting the new law while they collect signatures in order to place the issue of the establishment of the Fast-Food Council before California voters. Their hope is to delay the Bill until 2024 when it can be officially voted on.

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