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The New Unified Carrier Registration System

Pursuant to 49 USCS § 13908(b), The Unified Carrier Registration System (UCR) is an online registration system intended to streamline the FMCSA’s registration process.  UCR maintains a database of all foreign and domestic motor carriers, motor private carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders required to register with the Department of Transportation. It includes information related to a carrier’s safety rating, compliance with required levels of financial responsibility, and compliance with the UCR fees provision of 49 USCS section 14504(a) and 49 USCS § 13908(d). Motor carriers, freight forwarders and brokers that operate interstate or internationally must register under the United Carrier Registration (UCR) program and pay UCR fees.  Companies that only operate intrastate are not required to register.

Carriers must pay their UCR fees to their base-state (see 49 USCS §14504(a)(f)). The fees are based on the number of motor vehicles owned by the motor carrier or freight forwarder (49 USCS § 13908(d)). UCR’s official statement includes a chart outlining its fees (see chart and link below).  UCR’s fees pay for the administrative costs to maintain its database, process registrations and keep records of carrier’s evidence of financial responsibility.  41 states participate in this program and carriers must pay their UCR fees through their base state.  Interstate carriers based in a non-participating state must still comply and a base state will be assigned to them.


Official UCR Board Certified Registration Site:

  • $76 for 0 to 2 Vehicles;
  • $227 for 3 to 5 Vehicles;
  • $452 for 6 to 20 Vehicles;
  • $1,576 for 21 to 100 Vehicles;
  • $7,511 for 101 to 1000 Vehicles;
  • $73,346 for 1001 or more Vehicles

If you have any questions regarding the Unified Carrier Registration System (UCR), please do not hesitate to our attorneys at 650-573-9500.


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