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Attorneys By Day, Professors By Night

Back to school! Angel Riley, an Associate at Chauvel & Glatt, is back for a third semester as an adjunct Business Law Professor at Skyline College in San Bruno, California. One evening a week, Angel teaches local college students the foundational concepts of business law including the elements, functions, and applications of contracts as well as the legal principles and procedures specific to business ownership and operation.

Recently, her colleague, Associate Derek O. Myers of Chauvel & Glatt joined her as a guest lecturer! Derek instructed students on the topic of Constitutional Law, introducing the students to important U.S. Supreme Court Decisions and applying the rulings to the progression of the law. Angel and Derek joined forces to share stories of their experiences in the legal profession.

Derek said, “I wanted to give the class real life examples of constitutional law in the court system and other areas of government.  It was great to see the students engaging with the material.”

As for the Professor, Angel remarked that she has “had other guest lecturers before, and the students have really enjoyed the guest and the experience. My goal as a Professor is to teach in an engaging way. It’s always a delight to have guest lecturers who can enlighten the students with their expertise and experiences in practice. It was fun to have Derek join me for the class.”

Coming up this semester, Kenneth M. Weinfield of Chauvel & Glatt will be appearing as guest lecturer on the topic of intellectual property. Stay tuned!


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