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Chauvel & Glatt on the Radio!

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Ron Chauvel and associate Angel Riley appeared as guests on the Chinese radio show known as Sound of Hope Radio Network, FM 96.1. During the segment, Ron and Angel provided the Mandarin-speaking audience general information on estate planning, the differences between a Trust and a Will, the purpose of the Powers of Attorney, and answered callers’ questions.

Ron and Angel are both from the Bay Area and are grateful to have had the opportunity to provide some insight on estate planning to the Bay Area Chinese community. Angel is originally from Chengdu, China, but grew up in the U.S. She speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and the experience for her was, “a fun and important experience to be able to reach out to the Chinese community in the area.”

This was Ron and Angel’s first radio show appearance, and despite the nerves, they both found it enjoyable and fulfilling. As Ron said, “it was a new learning experience.”


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