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Chauvel & Glatt Support Cardinal and Bruins in Palo Alto

On Saturday, October 19th Ron and April attended the Stanford vs. UCLA football game in Palo Alto.

As a UCLA alum, April was rooting for the Bruins. Ron had attended UC Berkeley as an undergrad, but since he was born and raised in Palo Alto he supported Stanford that day.

“It was a good, tight game,” Ron recalled. “Stanford really opened it up in the second half. Going into the game Stanford was ranked 13th and UCLA was ranked ninth.

“In the third quarter,” he recalled, “Stanford’s wide receiver, Kodi Whitfield, jumped in the air and made a backhanded catch with his right hand – right between two defenders in the end zone.”

Stanford would go on to win the game 24-10.

It was the first time the Chauvel & Glatt partners attended a game together, and despite the fierce rivalry between the two Pac-12 contenders they both had a great time. “It was a beautiful day for a game,” Ron said. “Everyone enjoyed themselves.”


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