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Chauvel & Glatt’s lawyers have guided Californians through the probate process for the past 24 years.  We work alongside estate representatives and beneficiaries throughout the probate process, including administration.

In California, probate is a court-supervised process that includes the following:

  • The final will of the decedent is proved valid, if a will was left. 
  • If no will exists, a Petition for Probate is filed with the court.
  • An executor or administrator is appointed.
  • An inventory of the assets comprising the estate is prepared and filed with the court.
  • Last illness, funeral and other expenses are paid.
  • The provisions of the will are fulfilled (if it exists) and the decedent's estate is distributed to the beneficiaries.

Once a loved one passes away, our attorneys will help beneficiaries file the necessary probate petition with the court and guide family members through the process.

Our lawyers can also identify whether a formal probate process is necessary based on the value of the estate.  If Small Estate Administration can be done and a formal probate avoided, we will help you navigate the steps to accomplish this alternative to an otherwise lengthy probate process.

The probate process can be extensive and complicated due to a variety of factors. There are a number of roadblocks that can delay closure, including creditors, will contests, fraud or undue influence, and beneficiary disagreements.

Our probate lawyers can help resolve these conflicts. Call us today to connect with one of our attorneys and learn more. 

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