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It's graduation season and an exciting time for grads and their parents.  Soon they will be off to college and embarking on new adventures and have new responsibilities.  They will pick classes, decide how late to stay up since mom or dad won't be nagging them to go to bed; they will open bank accounts and make healthcare decisions. But what if something happens to them at college and you want to talk to the school? The bank? A doctor? What if god forbid they get hurt and can't speak for themselves?  While you may think, as their parent, you have say, think again! 

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People involved in a lawsuit often seek information from outside parties to gather as much evidence as possible to help their case.  Even if you are not part of a lawsuit, your business or you may receive a subpoena to produce records or appear for a deposition.  Subpoenas can be used as a way to obtain information so that the requesting party can decide whether to file a lawsuit against you or your business.  You should consult an attorney to assist you with your response as there are many variables that can arise related to responding to a subpoena.

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Business, Employment:  May 12, 2017

Employers Catch A “Day Of Rest”


The California Supreme Court just issued an opinion this past Monday, May 8, 2017, in Mendoza v. Nordstrom, Inc. which impacts many employers whose businesses operate every day of the week, Monday – Sunday.   What constitutes a “day of rest” under the California Labor Code?  Currently, California law entitles employees (with exceptions) to 1 day’s rest in a workweek (which can be defined by the employer) and prohibits employers from “causing” an employee to work more than 6 days out of 7.  But what does that mean exactly?

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Business, Employment, Transportation:  May 11, 2017

The DLSE Orders Logistic Company to Pay $855,000 for Non-Productive Time

California’s Labor Commissioner and its Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) recently ruled against logistics company XPO Cartage determining that it misclassified four drivers as independent contractors instead of employees.  The ruling shows DLSE’s willing to enforce a 2016 state law which requires companies to pay piece-rate workers for meal and rest breaks, and other “nonproductive time.”  Companies face potential pitfalls when trying to comply with this new law and determine how to pay workers based on the law’s compensation requirements. 

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On May 12th, Ron Chauvel of Chauvel and Glatt will be speaking about important legal updates affecting the transportation industry at the California Trucking Association's annual Golden Gate Fields event.

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