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Business, Real Estate:  January 26, 2016

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Signing a Commercial Lease

New business owners are always looking for the perfect location for their company. But Business owners beware -- commercial leases can be more costly than you think! Here is a list of top mistakes to avoid when entering into a commercial lease.

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Estate Planning:  January 26, 2016

Appoint that custodian!

A CUTMA bank account is set up for the benefit of a minor child that must be distributed when the child attains a designated age, and is governed by the California Uniform Transfers to Minors Act of the California Probate Code. But, what if when the child reaches the age of distribution he or she is not financially mature enough to handle a large sum of money? In a CUTMA account, distribution is mandatory. Thus, a CUTMA account lacks the safeguards of having a trustee manage the assets for the benefit of a child. This is when detailed and proper estate planning such as a Trust and Will, is far more favorable over a CUTMA account.

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Transportation:  January 19, 2016

Welcome to the Carrier Inspection Results Search

Per California Assembly Bill 529 Vehicles: Motor carriers: Inspections, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is required to provide the public with the outcome of terminal inspections performed in the State of California. This site provides searching parameters to find the carrier that may potentially own or uses a terminal within California. Carriers can be located outside of California, but, terminals must reside within California.

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Business:  January 13, 2016

Protect Yourself as a Judgment Debtor

Imagine checking your mail and receiving a legal notice stating you are ordered by the court to pay someone as a result of a settled lawsuit that you did not know existed. Unfortunately this scenario is not uncommon. If the court enters a judgment against you, the law considers you a “judgment debtor.” This means the law states you owe the judgment amount unless you can prove otherwise. You must take immediate steps to protect your rights and prevent the matter from becoming worse.

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At the start of the New Year, Chauvel & Glatt would like to bring to your attention a new product which aims to reduce carrier’s liability risks: sophisticated vehicle cameras specifically designed for commercial fleet vehicles by locally-based company Planet Halo, inc.  

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