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Stay Safe During the Holidays

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, it is more important for Employers to be aware of the increased risks associated with the holiday season. With the increased desire for shopping for that perfect gift, more and more people are venturing out to the malls and stores that remain open in California, despite the rapid uptick of Covid cases.

As an Employer, you have a duty to keep your workplace safe and definitely your employees.   Having the required written Covid policies and procedures in place is key to operating a safe workplace as well as compliance with Cal-OSHA, the governmental agency that oversees the protection, health, and safety of California workers. As we see an escalation in litigation related to Covid-19 scenarios in the workplace,  Employers need to make sure they limit the exposure to their workers, whether out in the field, in retail or food services, warehouse and fulfillment centers.

Continuing to emphasize to your workers the importance of adherence to your Covid-19 policies is crucial to a safe workplace, including wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, and staying home if you are sick. What if someone refuses to follow your policies?  Do not forget to discipline them in writing.

For more information about what you need to do to keep your workplace, address problem employees that are not following your Covid-19 procedures, please contact the Employer Lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt.

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