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President Biden’s Path Out of the Pandemic

Late last week the Biden Administration announced its Covid-19 Action Plan titled the “Path Out of the Pandemic” (“Plan”). The Plan outlines 6 pillars that the US will focus on in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The 6 pillars are:

  1. Vaccinating the Unvaccinated;
  2. Further Protecting the Vaccinated;
  3. Keeping Schools Safely Open;
  4. Increasing Testing & Requiring Masking;
  5. Protecting Our Economic Recovery; and
  6. Improving Care for those with COVID-19.

How will this impact Employers? Pillar 1 will most effect employers as President’s goal to “vaccinate the unvaccinated” will require business owners’ cooperation to be achieved. Under the Plan, employers with 100+ employees will be required to ensure that their employees either be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or be tested weekly and produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work. This regulatory action by the President is a result of nearly 80 million Americans who are currently eligible to be vaccinated but yet remain unvaccinated.

This announcement impacts companies and their workforce with over 100+ employees that do not already have mandatory vaccination policies or require weekly Coronavirus testing. In the coming weeks, OSHA will be issuing updated guidance in relation to this new vaccine mandate that will govern how employers are to implement this new Covid-19 legal requirement, and the fact that employers are going to have to pay for workers to get vaccinated – including if they get sick due to getting the vaccine. How California businesses will withstand yet another legal mandate, we will soon find out.

To determine whether President Biden’s Plan will impact your business and employees, and if so, what you need to do to ensure legal compliance under these everchanging rules, contact the Employer Lawyers at Chauvel & Glatt.

To stay up to date on the evolving Covid-19 regulations continue to read the Chauvel & Glatt Law Firm’s Employment Blog where our Employer Lawyers bring you up to date on all the legal issues that impact California Employers.

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