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Employers Need To Take Extra Precautions Due To Wildfire Smoke

Cal/OSHA just released an advisory to all employers as a reminder of the need to protect your employees for the unhealthy air quality due to the wildfire smoke.  Employers must ensure that the Air Quality Index (AQI) is safe for their employees and know that employees over 65 are at greater risk to suffer serious health effects if they already have heart and lung issues.

If you have employees who work outside, please make sure to check the various resources in order to monitor the AQI and ensure a safe environment for your employees.  The AQI categories are as follows:

Air Quality Index (AQI)
Categories for PM2.5 Levels of Health Concern
0 to 50 Good
51 to 100 Moderate
101 to 150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
151 to 200 Unhealthy
201 to 300 Very Unhealthy
301 to 500 Hazardous

As an employer, make sure you communicate with your employees and inform them of the protective measures available to them; implement any modifications needed to reduce exposure to your employees. For more information, go to  www.AirNow.gov and enter the zip code of the location where you will be working to ensure safe air quality.  Other resources include https://tools.airfire.org  or www.arb.ca.gov/capcoa/dismap.htm.

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