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What To Do Before A Business Lawsuit

When a disagreement arises between two businesses, often times both sides have tried communicating with each other for some time before a lawsuit is filed.  The parties may strongly disagree with each other and refuse to resolve the matter informally.  If you feel that a dispute with another business could result in a lawsuit, it is important to keep accurate records related to the matter to help your case during litigation.

You should keep a record of when you spoke with the other side, the general nature of the conversation and who was part of it.  This will help keep track of what occurred leading up to the lawsuit.  For example, if the issue is whether money is owed, keep a record of all of your communications related to requesting or disputing payment, copies of invoices and any partial payments received or made.  This can help resolve the dispute quicker if the proper documentation substantiates your claims, identifying the amount in dispute with certainty.

Proper record keeping is essential in a lawsuit in order to quickly and successfully resolve the matter before things escalate.

The attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt can guide you in understanding best practices for record keeping to avoid such disputes, whether with another business or customer.  For more information about how you can protect your business and your rights, contact the attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt at (650) 573-9500.

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