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The Important of Reviewing Chassis Lease Invoices

It is standard practice in the intermodal transportation industry to lease chassis.  It is also common for disputes to arise with leasing companies about their rental charges, billing practices and late fees.  Chassis providers can make accounting errors which result in charging the wrong lessee, or rate or even improperly billing for the equipment after it has been returned.  Carriers typically have less than 30 days to file a formal dispute with the leasing company about these bills.  Thus, it is important to promptly review invoices and dispute any inaccurate charges right away.

Typically you can dispute a charge through the leasing company’s online system or its customer service department. Make sure to keep records of any communications with them so you do not waive your rights to dispute the charges.  Ignoring the problem or refusing to pay can make the problem worse.  Unpaid invoices may result in aggressive bill collecting tactics and lawsuits.

For more information on how to handle problems related to invoice disputes, contact the experienced attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt.


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