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Mediation as a Way to Settle Disputes

Lawsuits can take a long time to resolve, sometimes years depending on a variety of factors.  They can be costly and cause a lot of stress for the parties involved.  Lawsuits can also take away time and resources from businesses involved in a lawsuit due to the time it takes to address the issues that arise as a result of the lawsuit.  Mediation can be an effective way to resolve a lawsuit expeditiously so the parties can move on with their lives and control the outcome of the matter.

Mediation occurs when the people involved in a lawsuit agree to meet together with a neutral third party mediator.  The mediator is typically an attorney or retired judge with a background in the type of case being disputed.  Usually the two sides select the mediator together.  In some cases, the court will select one.

On the day of mediation, the two sides will often be in separate rooms and the mediator will split time with each party to discuss the pros and cons of each side’s case.  This method allows both sides to voice their issues to a neutral person whose job is to then present each position to the other side.  The mediator will keep any information shared by either party confidential if requested.  The goal is for the two sides to come to an agreement and settle the case at mediation or shortly afterwards.


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