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Office Holiday Party Fun . . . and Liability!

There is nothing like bringing together your employees for a party to celebrate the holidays. It’s incentivizing, shows appreciation for the hard work forged over the past year and can cultivate new relationships! But Employers beware—these celebrations can be costly!

Do not forget the liability associated with these events. Whether the party is held in your office or other location, make sure your holiday party is planned responsibly to protect yourself and your employees from potential legal issues. Send a memo to your employees setting expectations for the party and their behavior in advance of your event. For example, include a dress code; offer to arrange for transportation home from the party to avoid drinking and driving (or to be safe, avoid serving alcohol all together, especially if minors will be in attendance).

Informing your employees of your expectations ahead of time can set the stage for an event that will be something your employees remember in the weeks to come.

To learn more to ensure your own event is held responsibly and is fun for everyone contact Chauvel & Glatt’s employment attorneys.

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