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Update on the Fast-Food Accountability Act

The Fast-Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act,( “Act”) otherwise known as AB 257, which we previously wrote on,  was signed into law by Govern Newsom on Labor Day, did not receive the reception anticipated.  While expecting gratitude from the 500,000 or so fast-food workers in California, instead, was met with frustration. The Act authorized the California Department of Industrial Relations to set up a Fast-Food Council to unilaterally set minimum standards covering things like safety conditions and wages, to harassment and discrimination protection. These standards could become more employee favorable then the California labor laws already are, so business owners were concerned.  They were also concerned about what is considered a “Fast-Food” restaurant to start. 

This Council is not yet created.   And the question is, will it?  Fast food workers did not approve of this Council, which would have 10 representatives from various aspects of the Fast-Food industry, appointed by the Governor.   The restaurant industry immediately began gathering signatures to get the Act on the November 2024 ballot.  And word is, they have achieved the necessary signature count to do so.  So now what?  We wait for the 2024 election and see what happens.  Until then, the Fast-Food Council is on hold.

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