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Legal News, Employment, Other:  March 12, 2012

Protect Your Secrets!

By Kenneth M. Weinfield

Does your business gain advantage from confidential technological or customer-related information? If so, have you adequately protected the confidentiality of that information? 


California law allows companies to protect trade secret information against use by former employees or competitors, but only if the company takes reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of that information.  


While implicit or verbal understandings may be deemed sufficient under some circumstances, it is far better to embody company confidentiality policies in written agreements which are entered into with employees and third parties.  It is also important to establish internal company practices which control access to sensitive information.  


Depending upon the circumstances, simple or elaborate procedures may be required. If you have any questions regarding what your business needs to do to protect its confidential information, please feel free to contact us for a trade secrecy checkup.

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