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Angel Riley Visits ‘Aim High’

On July 13, 2016, attorney Angel Riley, attended Aim High visiting day at Roosevelt Elementary School in Redwood City, California. Aim High was co-founded 30 years ago by Alec Lee, and is an organization that offers free summer learning programs to middle school students in Northern California, with classes at 17 different schools within the region.

Aim High opened its doors with the purpose of assisting students in high-need communities who have limited options or access to summer programs.

During her visit, Angel learned more about the program from Alec and the teachers of the program, while hearing first-hand stories and testimonials from the students of Aim High, who are currently attending the five week summer program. The typical school day starts off with breakfast provided by Aim High, followed by morning classes in math, English, science, and the humanities. Lunch is served by Aim High and, in the afternoon, students engage in electives, such as software coding, home economics, art or sports.

Angel says, “Aim High is a great program for students to learn and make new friends during a period in their lives when they need a positive outlet. I did the same when I was a kid at the Girls and Boys Club. With a 6-1 teacher student ratio, the students at Aim High are receiving the attention and help they need in a classroom.”

Angel enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of Aim High’s cause and looks forward to attending future events of Aim High.


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