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Planet Halo – An Incident Reporting Video Recorder for the Trucking Industry

At the start of the New Year, Chauvel & Glatt would like to bring to your attention a new product which aims to reduce carrier’s liability risks: sophisticated vehicle cameras specifically designed for commercial fleet vehicles by locally-based company Planet Halo, inc.

Oftentimes, after a vehicle accident involving a commercial vehicle, the operator and service provider are at a significant disadvantage if they are unable to prove the accident was caused by another party. Their actions will be second-guessed by investigators, insurance adjusters and litigants. Planet Halo’s cameras are a valuable tool to protect service providers against litigation, regulatory investigations and security threats.

Planet Halo’s cameras are equipped with a unique recording device that incorporates high-resolution camera sensors, a GPS for vehicle speed and location, audio recorder and speaker, and a G-force accelerometer for identifying risky driving behavioral patterns.  All this is consolidated in to a self contained tamper resistant mini-DVR. The camera can be mounted to a vehicle’s interior and exterior to capture multiple points of views. The G-force sensors provides valuable data in the event of a collision.

Additionally, an employer can monitor their vehicle’s routes, speeds, stops and starts, and driver and passenger behavior while viewing the actual video events in high definition video. This information is extremely valuable when attempting to resolve disputes about driver and passenger’s behavior.

Lastly, implementing Planet Halo’s fleet tracking solutions may help reduce insurance premiums and claims. Planet Halo works with select insurance partners to help reduce insurance costs and claims. Carriers can check with their insurance companies and see if their plan already covers this product.

For more information on Planet Halo’s products and how they may reduce your liability risks, please visit planethalo.com and mention Chauvel & Glatt for a trusted partners discount.


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