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Wills & Trusts  /  Trust Administration /  Probate

Trust Administration

After a trustor (or trust creator) has passed, the experienced attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt advise executors, trustees and beneficiaries in handling estates and trust assets.

Executing the wishes listed in a will or trust can be overwhelming – and at times frustrating – for loved ones. These feelings are understandable, as there are many steps in trust administration, including the following:

  • Assets are gathered and divided according to the trust.
  • Business disputes are settled (if exist).
  • Debts are paid (if outstanding).
  • Trust assets are allocated between beneficiaries and/or ongoing trusts.
  • Tax returns are filed.

Only after these matters are settled can the decedent's remaining assets be distributed among beneficiaries.

After a death, we will assist the surviving spouse, family or trustee in settling all outstanding affairs, administering the decedent’s trust and transferring assets to beneficiaries. We are also able to represent challengers during disputes over trust administration.

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