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Doing Business in China
Many individuals and business owners want to do business in China or sell to the Chinese consumers, but they don’t necessarily know how to overcome the legal and business hurdles.
Chauvel & Glatt has partnered with Beijing Jun Sheng Law Firm who can help you understand the legal and business environment in China. Our attorneys can help coordinate transactions between the two countries. We advise you to consult with us before making any business decisions. 
Chauvel & Glatt 和我们的中国合作伙伴北京市钧盛律师事务所可以帮您详细地了解中国的法律及商务情况。我们的律师可以帮您顺利完成复杂的跨国交易。我们提示您,在您做出任何商务决定之前,请及时咨询我们。
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