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Chauvel News:  Legal News

Transferring your home to a child? Don’t forget about the proper forms.

In the current real estate market, it is difficult if not impossible for young individuals to purchase a home on their own. Often times, parents will step in to help by selling or gifting one of their homes to their child. This is a great tool that allows parents to provide their child with a home and also allows the child to own a home without competing in the real estate market. But, there are significant tax consequences that should be considered before completing a sale or gift.

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Uber Class Action Waiver Provisions

Over the past ten or so years, there has been a proliferation of class action law suits filed against numerous companies, including many trucking and bus companies, claiming wage and hour pay violations. These cases are devastating in that they allow the plaintiff attorneys to create a claim on behalf of a large class of a company’s workers creating huge wage claims.

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Two Recent Employment Law Updates

Employment Update:

Individuals Also Liable As Employer for Wage and Hour Claims -- Even PAGA.

In a recent case, the California Court of Appeal held that individuals who cause a violation of overtime or minimum wage laws can be held individually liable, regardless of the entity structure of the business.

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It’s Getting Cold Outside...for Employers.

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather turns colder, California employment law is becoming increasingly burdensome for employers as it relates to sexual harassment in the workplace. There is a chill in the air as it relates to some new bills just signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

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Setting a Standard in the Workplace

As a business idea develops from a concept to start-up, there are a progression of steps a founder can take to help their Company’s overall success and sustainability. For example, in the initial stages of growth, the owner should make sure the Company is a properly formed entity for added protection. Then, as employees are added, the owner should become educated on what it means to be a California Employer.

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Conservator’s Power to Create an Estate Plan for the Conservatee

Typically, a conservatorship is necessary when a Conservatee did not create a proper and complete estate plan. By failing to do so, a family member must then obtain a court order so he or she can manage the Conservatee’s financial affairs and take control over the Conservatee’s health and welfare.

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Attention Employers: New Law Requires Hotel & Lodging Industry to Perform Worksite Evaluation

Cal/OSHA passes the Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention regulation that took effect on July 1, 2018. This new regulation requires affected employers to perform an initial worksite evaluation by October 1, 2018.

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Summer Heat Means Risk of Workplace Heat-Related Illness Increases – Know What You Must Do To Protect Your Employees

As the summer heat intensifies, so does your obligation to protect your employees from heat-related illnesses. If you have employees who work outdoors, you are required to provide them with recovery periods of 10 minutes at least once every four hours. A ‘recovery period’ is a cool down period provided to prevent heat-related illness.

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Rounding Employee Wages in California is OK – But should you do it?

Recently, a California Court of Appeal upheld an employer’s practice of rounding employee time entries to the nearest quarter hour. As you are aware from our news, employer wins in California are the exception not the rule. Here’s what happened:

In this appellate case, the employer had a company-wide system of rounding employee time entries to the nearest quarter hour. For example, if the employee clocked in between 6:53 and 7:07, he or she is paid as if he or she clocked in at 7:00. The appellate court found that this policy did not violate California labor laws because the result of the policy was neutral in application and did not result in a net underpayment of employee wages.

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Resolving Debt Resulting from a Margin Call

Recently, high-risk funds such as XIV and SVXY dropped more than 80% overnight, causing many margin-trading investors to fall into substantial debt with their brokerages. Margin trading allows investors to borrow money from a financial brokerage to purchase stock. In order to trade on margin, an investor needs to open a margin account with a brokerage. 

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