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Please note: The material in these articles, provided by Chauvel & Glatt, is designed to provide informative and current information as of the date of the posts. The articles should not be considered, nor are they intended to constitute, legal advice. For information on your particular circumstances, please contact Chauvel & Glatt at 650-573-9500.

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Chauvel News:  Recent Cases

Resolving Our Client’s ADA Lawsuit

Our client owns and operates a local market and the parking lot in front of his store, which has been in his family for many years.  He was sued by an individual who claimed a parking space in the parking lot was not complaint the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The allegations focused on the width and the grade of the parking space. The plaintiff also claimed the space was not painted properly and the parking signs needed to be updated.  Our client faced significant penalties, as ADA violations can cost $4,000 per violation, and the defendant may be required to pay for the plaintiff attorney's fees.

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Chauvel & Glatt, Finding Resolutions to Disputes

Two of our attorneys recently negotiated the resolution of a difficult dispute among four owners of a limited liability company stemming from differences in opinion about how to run the business. This led one of the owners to shut the other three out of the company operations. When the three owners came to our firm, it became apparent that no operating agreement had been signed by the owners and there were other corporate irregularities.

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Defending Our Client Against a Home Owners Association

A client came to us after a fire sprinkler inside her condo caused significant water damage to her neighbors’ condos and her home.  Her HOA attempted to levy a special assessment against her to recover repair costs not covered by the HOA’s insurance.  The HOA also did not repair portions of her unit which were covered under the HOA’s insurance policy.   Instead, the HOA pressured her to pay out-of-pocket expenses to the HOA’s contractor whose rates were significantly higher than other estimates.  The HOA ignored her repeated requests for more information as she attempted to resolve the matter.  Meanwhile, she lived in her water-damaged condo as the dispute continued for several months.

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Defending Our Client Against an Insurance Company

A client lost everything he owned after his apartment caught on fire.  While attempting to get back on his feet, his landlord’s insurance company began to threaten him with a lawsuit if he did not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs.  The insurance company hired a debt collection agency which called him relentlessly demanding payment.  The insurance company and the debt collection agency openly acknowledged these payments would financially ruin our client.  

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Chauvel & Glatt Assists a Native Chinese Business Owner in Employee Dispute

A Chinese client recently called our Mandarin-speaking assistant, Elle Zhang, and requested help with an urgent employment-related issue.
A disgruntled former employee of a local auto repair shop filed a complaint with the California Labor Commission seeking thousands of dollars in overtime compensation. The employee was mainly serving the front desk and answering calls; however, he also was in charge of accepting new customers, ordering parts, scheduling technicians’ work, etc.

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What Can a Hotel Do to Evict a Guest Who Isn’t Paying Rent?

Chauvel & Glatt represents commercial landlords and hotels/lodging facilities in unlawful detainer cases.
An unlawful detainer is a legal procedure adopted in California that allows landlords to evict a tenant who is not paying rent or is otherwise in violation of the lease agreement.

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Should a Homebuyer Include Furniture in a Purchase Agreement?

When a client became wary of his realtor, he turned to Chauvel & Glatt to determine his legal rights as a home-seller.

The client was closing on a home in Hillsborough. The purchase contract provided that the buyer would receive inadequately identified furnishings – and there was considerable confusion in the contract as to the rights of the parties.

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Help! The seller won’t leave my new house!

A client was nearly left homeless when the real estate she had purchased was placed in limbo.

The seller was not able to close and move into his new home due to financing issues, so he wouldn’t close the sale with the client and leave the premises. Our buyer client proposed that the sale close and the seller enter a “rent-back” agreement, but the seller refused and would not close the sale of his home as scheduled.

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A Real Estate Contingency Conflict: See how we kept our client out of court and saved her money

In a recent Chauvel & Glatt victory, a client faced a significant real estate dispute when the buyer of her Hillsborough home conducted an independent appraisal of square footage only weeks before close of escrow and after the purchase contract had been executed.
The buyer’s appraiser stated the house contained less square footage than what was listed in the sales materials. This led to the buyer asking for a reduction in price.

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