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The attorneys at Chauvel & Glatt, LLP provide personal attention while vigorously advocating on behalf of our clients to obtain positive results.  Here is a snapshot of some recent results and transactions.


Business and Real Estate Law

Our firm represented a client that acquired a transportation business in Seattle, Washington.  We drafted and negotiated all of the agreements required to consummate the asset purchase, including: a Letter of Intent, Asset Purchase Agreement, Earn Out Agreement,  Consulting Agreements, Promissory Note, Security Agreements, and other required acquisition related documents. A Washington corporation was formed to complete the acquisition and Washington trucking licenses were obtained for the new corporation.


Our firm represented an international business group from Shanghai that was negotiating to purchase a five-star hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area. The seller hotel was subject to a union collective bargaining agreement.  Negotiations included discussions and laws relative to terminating the union contract or continuing the contract with modifications. 


Our firm represented a client in Southern California that negotiated to purchase an interest in a limited liability company that owns a large commercial property.  Our client is presently the lessee of the property and is negotiating to purchase an interest in the limited liability company that owns the property. 


Our firm represented a company in the San Joaquin Valley that purchased a transportation business specializing in the movement of agricultural produce.  This successful acquisition involved the purchase of considerable rolling stock and vehicles.  The deal included an Asset Purchase Agreement, Covenant Not To Compete, Promissory Notes and Security Agreements. 


Our firm represented a hotel company to purchase a parcel of real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area for future hotel development.  This deal required the buyers to take the property subject to an existing deed of trust.  Our firm prepared and successfully negotiated various agreements, including: a Real Estate Purchase Contract, All Inclusive Promissory Note, All Inclusive Deed of Trust, Indemnity Agreement, and detailed Escrow Instructions. 


Our firm represented a real estate entity to acquire a retail shopping center from Home Depot in the San Jose area.  The acquisition required a Letter of Intent, Purchase and Sale Agreement, Lot Line Adjustment, Holdback Agreement, Tennant Estoppel Certificates, and other necessary documents.  A limited liability company was formed to buy the property. We worked closely with the commercial real estate agents for both parties to effectively consummate the purchase. 


Our firm successfully represented the buyer of a logistics company.  This was a Stock Purchase Agreement where the buyer acquired all of the stock of the seller business. The deal required a Letter Of Intent, a Stock Purchase Agreement, Earn Out Provisions, Promissory Note, Security Agreements, Consulting Agreement and other documents.  


Our firm represented a company that acquired a large transportation business that had become insolvent and owed considerable money to its bank. The bank had placed the seller business in default which basically prevented it from operating.  We negotiated for our client a short term deal that allowed our client to take over the operations of the seller company on a short term basis to allow our client to conduct due diligence necessary to determine whether to buy the company.  Our negotiations and the short term agreement were with both the seller and its bank.  We then assisted our client to conduct due diligence and ultimately purchase the business.  The Asset Purchase Agreement, and all other purchase related agreements were with both the seller and its bank as the purchase proceeds ultimately went to the bank to pay down seller obligations.  


We represented a real estate business to acquire a parcel of vacant land in the San Francisco Bay Area that will provide ingress and egress to a larger piece of property for development purposes.  Representation included preparation of a Lease Agreement and Option Agreement to purchase the property.  A limited liability company was formed to enter the lease and option agreement. 


The firm represented several buyers of a piece of commercial warehouse property in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the buyers had a limited liability company that had sold another property and needed to accomplish a 1031 exchange to acquire his portion of the commercial property. The other buyer did not require a 1031 exchange for his part of the property acquisition.  We formed a limited liability company to acquire the portion of the property for the buyer not requiring 1031 exchange treatment.  We also prepared a Tenancy In Common Agreement between the two limited liability companies that ultimately acquired the property.   


Civil Litigation

Represent and advise Employers on necessary requirements of meal and rest periods, wage and hour laws, overtime, and employee handbooks and contract reviews.


Litigated whether receipt of money was considered a “gift” or a “loan” under the law.  The case went to trial and ultimately settled. 


Our client successfully sued, in Federal Court, multiple shippers involved in the cross-country delivery of a valuable musical instrument destroyed during shipment. 


A construction dispute between a general contractor and subcontractor over money owed was mediated in our client’s favor. 


Negotiated and completed a Settlement Agreement for clients suing over a failed partnership. 



Advised Homeowner Associations on legal questions on implementing Bylaws relating to the eviction of tenants for failing to pay Association fees; revising Bylaws; and reviewing contracts with outside management companies.